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This is my cousin Keyshawn Conway, he’s 14 and missing from home. He didn’t come back from school today and we’re all looking for him. 
Wears glasses
Wearing dark orange shorts and a blue shirt (might be wearing a black jacket, he takes it everywhere)
Has a black Skullcandy backpack outlined in lime green
Has mild retardation, ADHD
We’ve already called the police (several times) and they won’t do ANYTHING because he’s a teen. They don’t consider him missing. They’ve labeled him a runaway. This child cannot last one night by himself. I’m trying not to panic but I’m scared that something’s wrong. 
PLEASE if you’re in the Killeen-Ft. Hood area and see this child, call 911. He does not know his home phone number, does not know his address and does not have friends that he stays with. I’m begging those in my area to keep an eye out. 
Please, PLEASE and thank you. 

Missing child in Killeen-Ft. Hood, Texas.

Boost this, please. 

Boost. Any of my folk in Texas? Get the word out.

OMG EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY. This girl is from my town, shes in my grade and this is her last tweet…shes been missing since 6:20pm today. PLEASE KEEP HER IN YOUR PRAYERS. THIS IS SERIOUS!!!!!!!!! IT WONT HURT YOUR BLOG, I PROMISE!! COPS ARE CHECKING EVERY LOCAL HOTEL AND GOING TO EVERYONE OF HER FRIENDS HOUSE THAT THEY KNOW OF #HELPFINDKARA <—START THAT TREND ON TWITTER #comehomekara #helpfindkara #prayforkara (Taken with Instagram)
I had to put my new bow head band on my blog. I’m in love!! And, I night it from Stein Mart for five dollars!

HEY! HEY YOU! YES YOU! Guess what?

To me, you’re beautiful.

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Politeness Cards by Stephanie Brooks

Loving yourself

Why is it so hard for people to love themselves? Why is it that we allow what others say to us hurt us so badly that we think of ourselves as not good enough? Ever ask yourself what makes you not good enough? It’s always something. My hairs too short, I don’t have a Body, I’m too thick, I’m fat, I’m too skinny. Why do we as people crave such approval from others and worry about the crap They tell us? I know as someone that’s living on this Earth I am guilty of this issue. Wanting people to believe that I’m gorgeous and good enough. Wanting for society to believe that I am up with these famous actresses and models. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think I’m not good enough or not pretty enough. It has always been my biggest issue. Me being an enemy to myself. Has anyone ever noticed why it is easy to believe the bad things people say than the good things? Why is that… why do I believe that. I mean if it is true that everyone is beautiful then why is it that if we don’t like someone the first thing we say is they are ugly. I’m not saying I don’t! Its just. When you sit down and think about things you won’t believe the things we say that not only tear down others but ourselves. And, yes we are only human. But, I know after thinking about this… I want to do better. I want to look at myself and not see and believe the bad things but the good. To not compare myself to what society believes to be beautiful or sexy. And, to try not to use that to hurt others that hurt me. I just want to love me and be happy with me.

First Day after taking my first Bantu Knots out (:

I took my Bantu Knots out and I’m not sure if mine were very successful. But, after working with my hair the second day of taking them out I really Loved my hair!

My first time trying Bantu Knots! I’m excited and anxious to see how they will look once I take them out Saturday.